Portable USB Powered Humidifier w/ Aroma Diffuser

Portable USB Powered Humidifier w/ Aroma Diffuser

This humidifier will help combat your cough and colds

Take it anywhere - in the car, to the office, or on vacation

This humidifier provides relief all year long. Relieves cold, cough and flu symptoms, itchy dry skin, congested sinuses, chapped lips, dry eyes, and headaches by adding moisture to dry air, and adds moisture to air in the immediate area. The environmentally-friendly USB Portable Humidifier reuses bottles and has a low power output. Convenient to use anytime, anywhere, the USB Portable Humidifier is a personal-use humidifier that is small enough to put in a purse, laptop bag, or suitcase.

Removes unfavorable odors and smells and increases humidity of air, reducing dust and bacteria Put the humidifier into every kind of mineral water bottles and charge it Great for your home, office and car use Low power consumption, power-off automatically after 2 hours Including 1 Mini Humidifier, 1 USB Cable, 2 Absorbent Filter Sticks Size: 2.4"x1.8"


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