MicroATX 450 Watt Power Supply for Small Form Factor Dell, HP, and others

MicroATX 450 Watt Power Supply for Small Form Factor Dell, HP, and others

Every time you upgrade-- every new video card, processor, or add-on card-- means a greater need for power. Chiefmax power supplies are stable and reliable while meeting a price point for every budget. Our solid construction ensures system stability, while our efficient designs help reduce power consumption. So not only do you save money up front, but your checkbook will see the savings for years to come.


Product Features

  • Micro ATX form factor 5"Wx2.5H"x4.75"D
  • Ideal replacement for many HP and Dell SFF power supplies
  • 20/24 pin universal ATX connector with 4-pin P4
  • Two (2) Serial ATA Connectors
  • Three (3) Molex power connectors
  • Many HP, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, and Emachines use this type of supply.



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